S.S Public School has been equipped science Laboratories, with the objective of imparting practical class training in Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Math's Lab, which helps the students update themselves with the current developments in the context of the far reaching changes taking place in the science and their impact on education and career opportunities, This will also be a good forum for exchanging ideas. We want on to add the Mathematics Laboratory, which encouraged the students to make full use of the excellent facilities available to discover for themselves and toil hard towards creating new boundaries.

Computer Lab

In S.S Public School, Computer room is set up to provide quality education in different areas of Info. Tech. Computer Programs is designed to provide the latest knowledge and skills in the field of IT and computer applications. The program is a blend of classroom teaching and hands on training in computer labs, Handling live projects, computer Application project.

School Library

S.S Public School maintains a well equipped library with diversified portfolio of Books, Magazines, Journals and Newspapers, to impart relevant and contemporary knowledge and skills essential for today's students and academicians.
It has more than 9000 books focus on the Areas of text, contents, study guides, work and allied area along with encyclopedia dictionaries. Reference books manuals and at cases, Besides which nearby 25 periodicals on various subjects are subscribed to. These books seek to provide , at one place, a retrospective and prospective view of the contemporary development in the environment, and their impact, library contains in depth articles on domain-specific and inter disciplinary topics, debates, interview, case studies.


The School owns a fleet of buses which cater to specific routes. The comfort and quality of the buses is ensured by the school. Commuting by the school bus is encouraged by the school keeping in mind the safety and security of the students.


The School Canteen caters to the needs of the students. We at SMS, inculcate good eating habits by providing food that is cooked hygienically, is delicious as well as nutritious. A strict control is exercised on the quality of food by the School Management.