Director's Message

S.S Public School is a place where all teachers are well equipped with latest style of teching. wherein All students not only learn but facilitate their learnings in a practical manner in a healthy environment.we consider our every student as a sapphire and due to the dilligencem of mentorsm in today's scenario they are just template_but they will do wonders in times to come, we offer them fine eduction as well as the best surrounding, As we dont't believe in any sort of pretentiousness we do understand that eduction which is being coferred unceremoniously is of no use that will definitely result in debacle and disappointment. now bell is on ur court whether to choose pretentious education or go by my commitment__ don't be victim of enticement let the child go to ss public school and let us applaud yourm decision.

Director - Dr.Akhil Singh
S.S Public School N.Maan Jhapara Jasrana