General Rules for Students Descipline

  • The pupils of S.S Public School :
  • To participate fully in all the activities of the school.
  • To observe faithfully the school rules of discipline and obey all duly constituted authorities.
  • To cultivate loyalty and devotion to home, school and the Country.
  • To develop healthy habits of mind and body by constant self - discipline.
  • To acquire and cultivate qualities of leadership and competency in the art of expression and persuasion.
  • To strive to be gentle and learn to serve and be helpful to others.
  • To wish/ greet their teachers and other elders whenever they happen to meet them.
  • To learn and observe good manners at all places.
  • To be friendly with one another in and out of School.
  • To be always ready to offer help to unattended guests in the School premises.
  • To uphold the dignity of individuals and always be dignified and courageous.
  • To avoid littering the School premises and uphold cleanliness.
  • To be peaceful in the library and respect the rights of others using it.